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Facing Foreclosure? Find out how a Short Sale could help. If you or someone you know has missed one or more home payment, you should ACT FAST!!
The foreclosure process is extremely time sensitive ~ Contact us to get the facts you need to STOP the foreclosure NOW!!
We offer Creative Real Estate Strategies, including a short sale, to help you SAVE YOUR CREDIT - You do have several options! WE CAN HELP!
FAMILIES ARE FACING FORECLOSURE AND WE PLAN TO HELP THEM ONE FAMILY AT A TIME! We are committed to educate the public ~ providing resources, strategies & solutions to help you STOP foreclosure NOW.
Unfortunately, without your immediate participation a potentially positive resolution to your foreclosure problem may not be possible.
Your consultation is always CONFIDENTIAL.Creative Real Estate Strategies ~ Contact Us Last Because We Pay More ~ www.WePayMore.info - 720-491-1721
We want to buy your house!!
Sell your property for cash - FAST!!
Get An Amazing Offer For Your Home - Contact us last because we pay more!!
• Tired of sinking money into a property you don’t live in or you no longer want?
• Concerned about ongoing upkeep, making expensive repairs and insurance costs?
• Trying to avoid putting your property on the rental market?
• Frustrated with dealing with tenant problems?
• Have a property with unmanageable ARM loan?
• Have a property with little or no equity?
• Are underwater with your mortgage
• Are you locked into an address you hate - trapped by your mortgage?
• Are you buried with tax liens and the prospect of losing your home.  
• Are you in Pre-Foreclosure or Foreclosure?
• Did you inherit a property that you don’t have a plan for and aren’t sure what to do next.
• Are you a homeowner going through a divorce?
For WHATEVER the reason - We have helped many people in your exact situation by:
• Purchasing their properties AS-IS for cash and can even pay all the closing costs
• Eliminating realtors and their commissions
• Handling all the paperwork and closing on their timeline
• Reinstate loan or take over the loan payments
We would purchase the home directly or offer the home to our CASH buyers list that are hunting for properties in your zip code RIGHT now!
Sell your home AS-IS, commission free, in under 30 days.
You CAN sell NOW even if you have been unsuccessful before.
Your consultation is always CONFIDENTIAL.
Creative Real Estate Strategies ~ Contact Us Last Because We Pay More ~ www.WePayMore.info - 720-491-1721
Rent to own your home!
Stop throwing away money with monthly rent payments!
Renting to Own a home can be an affordable alternative to traditional financing, since great credit, large down payments and mortgage pre-qualifications are not usually required for a rent to own situation.
If you’re tired of paying someone else’s mortgage, and are thinking about buying while interest rates are still low, we may have some great options for you because ultimately low mortgage interest rates mean higher profits for your landlord.
Contact us NOW - we have properties for sale that you could own for a lower monthly payment than what you’re currently paying in rent. Live comfortably in your rent to own home, while you build ownership by applying a portion of your monthly rent toward buying your home.
Buying your own home is more affordable than you think.  Act now before interest rates begin rising again…especially if you are at the end of your lease.
BUYING IS LIKE RENTING…...Only your home is bigger, there is no landlord to deal with, and you can make it your own.
Creative Real Estate Strategies ~ 720-491-1721
Turning opportunities into attractive returns!
We are interested in developing mutually beneficial strategic relationships with like minded individuals.
We are looking for great deals and we also work with a group of investors that may be interested in some of your deals, if it does not meet our buying criteria.  Send us any inventory you have available - right away!!
In addition, we may have inventory that just did not meet the needs of our current buyers - maybe it meets the needs of your buyers list?
Connect with us to share your investor profile. Let us know about your buying criteria and we will share ours.
Looking forward to turning opportunities into attractive returns!
Creative Real Estate Strategies ~ 720-491-1721
Earn $500-$1000
Earn $500-$1000 with us!  Earn extra money while at your current job to save for your future, retirement or to become debt free.
Creative Real Estate Strategies ~ 720-491-1721
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